Our Mission:
Our Way. 

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The world needs more LOVE and EMPATHY; that, no one can deny.  Growing up, we realized - hey we might have some innate gifts! Ancestral DNA has made us Psychic & touched with Empathic Intuition.

We started doing readings for family and friends.  Then we thought: why not take this global? I know what you're thinking. Loft thoughts for a [then] twenty, and twenty-four year old. But here we are today. 

Our purpose is to raise the frequency (vibration) of each person we work with, so we can change the energy of the world to Love and Acceptance. Using our Spiritual Tool Kits, we seek to empower anyone willing to take the journey into the SELF.





I'm a spiritual warrior.

My motivation? My family's well-being & kicking ass in the community to awaken people to the soul's calling.

I AM: A Soul [life] coach. Licensed meditation teacher. Usui Reiki practitioner. Energy worker. 

My tool kit is equipped with personalized prescriptions to merge the higher [super] conscious state into every-day life.

"In stillness we do not only find our individual self, but we find our universal self...every person is as vast as the extent of the entire universe. The entire universe is within each and every one. It is only when the individuality merges away in universality that we cross the boundary of time and become boundless and timeless."

— Gururaj Ananda Yogi



I'm an empath - sensitive to the fabric of the soul.

My Spiritual tool kit?

Past life regression. Psychic intuition. Usui Reiki. Tarot. Crystal Energy. Turning Forks. Chakra/Aura Cleaning.

My Desire? Put understanding to KARMIC [soul] contracts. What we have experienced in a past life, echoes through dimensional space and time.

The past/present/future is all NOW & connected.

I want to help you remove energy blocks and release pain that may eradicate phobias, addictions, dis-ease, and clear spiritual debt.